10 Things To Do In Life Before You Die

Life is temporary so its best to live it max till you can and in today’s post I bring to you top 10 things to do before dying.

#1 Swim with Jelly Fish in Palau


Swimming in vast stretch of blue oceanic water is simply amazing and seeing tons of Jellyfish swimming along it makes up for some wonderful moments of your life. Its little nerve wrecking at first to see yourself surrounded by fish, as they are harmless your fear vanishes quickly and the light passing through them is simply astounding.

#2 Donate Blood


Donating Blood is one of the most satisfying work any human could ever do. It is simply good to know that your blood may some day help save lives. Although the needle may be scary to some, the feeling of saving someone life outweighs the pinch of pain caused by piercing needle.

#3 Flyboarding on Jetpack


It looks fun and adventurous. The thrill of going crazy in middle of a river and flying on air struggling to maintain balance will make for some of most amazing memories of your life.

#4 Take a Helicopter Ride in Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon is crazy long 227 miles of canyons. And when you go over the canyons on a helicopter ride and land in a spot in between to spend some time alone, it is almost certain that nothing can disturb you in there.

#5 Feel Paranormal Catacombs in Paris


When you see 2 kilometres of catacomb containing skulls and bones of millions of human it certainly will make the moment paranormal. You will definitely get goosebumps and the creepiness will send shivers down your spine.

#6 Sleep in an Igloo in Canada


Canada experiences some of the extreme Winters and in Qubeck, Northern Canada one can spend some time in an Igloo. The sound sleep in Winter cold night will never be forgotten.

#7 Visit Spain for La Tomatina Festival


The Last Wednesday of August is celebrated in Bunol, Spain with 1,30,000 kilograms of overripe tomatoes. Entire town is painted red and it last for just an hour, but the messy, fun and thousands of unknown individuals filled with joy makes it one of the most enjoyable hour in anyone’s life.

#8 Rio Carnival, Beach and Christ: The Redeemer in Brazil


Brazil sits quiet high in terms of tourism and the colourful Rio Carnival, sexy beaches of Rio and the magnificent statue of Christ: The Redeemer makes it an absolutely blissful experience visiting Rio de Janeiro

#9 Cedar Point, Ohio


If you like the amusement parks then Cedar Point is a must, with 17 roller coaster it is referred as Roller Coaster capitol and the thrill will surely make you feel the Adrenalin rush through your veins. A warning for those with fear of height, don’t go there ever.

#10 Tomorrowland


Tomorrowland is the king of concert with three days of non stop music alcohol and party. Generally a three day event where performers like David Guetta, Afrojack, The Chainsmokers, Hardwell and many others give their best performance to the lakhs of visitors.


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