DIY: Easily Transfer a Photo to The Wood to Create an Antique Photo Frame

Anything on wood looks marvellous and today I am here with a great tutorial on how to transfer a photo into a piece of wood. Yeah you heard that right it is possible and this tutorial will show you how.


Required Items

  • A piece of light color wood as per the size of picture you want to transfer.
  • A picture you want to transfer. (Use a photo editing software to reverse it and then print)
  • Matte gel medium (found in the acrylic paints section of the art store)
  • Wood Finish of your choice.
  • Spare Gift cards or Greeting cards.
  • A piece of towel rag or a sponge.

Step to Transfer Photo to Wood

  1. First clean the piece of wood with a damp cloth.
  2. Apply the Matte gel Medium all over the wood using a brush.
  3. Also apply it on picture.
  4. Stick the picture on the wood and using your credit card slowly push air out from centre toward the corners.
  5. Now let it dry for about 6-8 hours.
  6. Pick the frame up and make the towel rag / sponge damp with water and scrub off the paper on top.
  7. Once the threads of paper starts coming off roll them off using fingers.
  8. Now just let it dry and then apply the wood finish you purchased to make your art piece last forever.

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