How to Enable Push Notification on Your WordPress Website

Push notifications are the best way to notify the users of your website of new posts and it works both on desktop as well smartphones.

Implementing them on your website is also not so difficult and requires only a few simple steps.

While there are lots of plugins available, not all of them are truly unlimited and the best free plugin for the task is from OneSignal.

 Step by Step Guide to Implement Push Notification on WordPress Website

  1. Download and install OneSignal Push Notification Plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin and then tap on OneSignal Push appearing on left hand bar of your wordpress admin panel.
  3. Now visit OneSignal Website and create a free account.
  4. Tap on Add a new and name it as per your choice.
  5. In next screen to select platform tap on Web Push and then on Google Chrome & Firefox.
  6. Next enter your website URL in site URL tab and URL of your logo for notifications.
  7. In the next screen you will be presented with three options just tap on WordPress.
  8. Now open WordPress Admin panel of your website.
  9. Open OneSignal Push and tap on Configuration.
  10. Copy the Rest API key and ID and paste in appropriate fields and the subdomain created in Step 6.
  11. Now just scroll down and save changes.
  12. Voila!!! Its done. Now your readers can receive push notification if they allow the popup for push notifications.

If you face any issue drop a comment down below or connect with me on at +91-9439105556 and I will help you implement push notification on your website.


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