Do You Know Why Food Tastes Better When You Are Drunk!!!

Have you ever been drunk and ate food more than usual, you are not alone. An Is research shows that almost 90% people overeat after drinks.

Well there is also science behind it so lets take a look at what possibly might be reason for you overeating after you are drunk.

After drinking alcohol a certain neurons are fired by brain more than usual. This neurons released a peptide, a small chain of amino acids called agrp(agouti-related protein), agrp tells your brain that you are hungry and that leads you to eat even if your stomach is full.

It’s basically your brain is getting a message that you are starving, and to top the craziness you might not be able to satisfy your craving even after eating the food.

Alcohol also lowers productions of leptime, a kind of hormone responsible for making you feel full and satisfied after a heavy meal. Without leptine you will never be able to feel full and would look to eat more and more food.

Also the opiate system which makes you feel good, as alcohol increases the presence of endogenous opioids, which tells us the texture, smell and other food properties. This opioids increase the tendancy to eat more sugary foods.

There are also many small reasons behind overeating but this major changes in body with alcohol intake makes us eat more and still feel hungry.


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